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David, what can I say, you have been brilliant to work with, and I value all you have  done for Premier over the  years. Many thanks for your commitment and dedication


The other key issue for our continued use of David's time  is he keeps within our budget! I wholeheartedly recommend David's services  for any Internet needs you  may have now or in the future.


As a large voluntary, national organisation we have been extremely pleased with the website David has produced for us. He has constantly updated it for us and liaised  over changes we wanted. Nothing has been too much trouble for David and he has been happy to accommodate our requests even at short notice. It has certainly been value for money.

Lynne Barrie ADINJC Chairman

David Wyatt builds affordable, effective websites for small and medium-sized organisations. We keep them simple. We make them smart, easy to navigate and user friendly. As clients' ideas grow, so do their sites. Judge for yourself when you see our portfolio.

We'll get you on the web and e-mail ready in no time. As well as design, we'll handle your domain name registration and hosting needs, and even help you set up email on your PC to cope with enquiries. It's a one-stop solution. And there are no strings attached - once you've paid, you own the site and the domain (always check this if you think of going elsewhere!).

To save you keep coming back to us to update your site content, you can order a site which lets you go online and edit pages in your web browser (from any internet-connected PC!). Such sites use what's known as a Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress is the best known CMS and we have set up a number for clients.

However, unless you will be using it frequently and the learning curve is worthwhile, be realistic when you plan your site. It costs money to install a Content Management System and time to learn to use it.

While a CMS sounds attractive, it may be a false economy. It will be less expensive  to buy a less complex site and have us make changes when necessary - our rates are very reasonable, and we don't charge for small amendments like changing a phone number or a few words of text.

Additionally, we now have the ability to let you edit any page in your site that has been enabled for online editing, from any internet-connected device. It’s as easy as typing a paragraph into Word, and it doesn’t cost a packet.

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